Top 30 Perfect Dragon Ball Z Gifts For Great Birthday


Dragon Ball Z gifts are a great idea to make the birthday celebrations special and amazing, all thanks to the interesting anime hit that has become popular and attracted a lot of attention from fans of different ages.

With a mission of creating inspirational products for anime fans, such as shoes, accessories, and clothing, Gearanime understands your expectation for a great Dragon Ball Z gift for a great birthday.

Thus, we will provide you with a complete list of ideal gifts for special occasions or events such as birthday celebrations in this article. If you want to seek a perfect dbz gift for your birthday, this blog will give you the best choice.



Dragon Ballz Super Saiyan Goku Gym Shaker Bottle

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A gym shaker bottle is the best for enjoying your healthy and favorite beverage. Goku inspires this 20 oz bottle made of BPA-free plastic with a flip top closure and screw top.

With this themed shaker bottle, you can power the gym with Goku up when you enjoy your favorite drink.

This Dragon Ball Z bottle features a funny design with a Goku picture and the text “Training To Go Super Saiyan”. Particularly, it is perfect for versatile shakes such as smoothies and protein shakes.

With durable construction, an exciting design, and a convenient shaker, you can choose this bottle as an ideal birthday gift for any DBZ fans.


Red Dragon Ball Z Scouter - ST

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If a Dragon Ball Z fan wants to feel the great power of the Goku defeats and mighty Saiyan races, give them a Dragon Ball Z Scouter Headset. This headset is a product of Bandai America with the noiseless Red Lens, and two cards can be read with them.

With the Dragon Balls Noiseless Scouter Headset version, your DBZ fan can have more chances to cosplay costume or experience the series-accurate and funny role-playing game.

This headset is an amazing gift to complete DBZ collectors, including cool hats, stylish T-shirts, and other items.


OPW Dragon Ball Table Lamp Z Shenron Crystal Ball LED Night Light 3D PVC Action Figures

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This DBZ Green Shenron lamp is a legendary product ideal for birthday celebrations and special event decorations. The main character of this model is Shenron, a powerful green dragon in the anime world.

This lamp is made of environmentally friendly materials, so it is safe for the human body and health. Its twinkles and glows at night, making it suitable for any room in your home or workplace.

The anime world becomes lively with the support of 7 dragon balls around Shenron. This wonderful design also makes this lamp one of the popular Christmas ornaments or marvelous birthday gifts.


Dragon Ball Z Dragon Balls 7 Stars 7pcs Anime 3.5cm Dragon Balls Yellow

Source: Amazon

This is an amazing birthday gift for boyfriend or younger brother if they are a DBZ collector, as it can help him expand his collection with seven powerful Dragon Crystal Balls.

The Dragon Z Crystal Ball Collection is 7.13 inches in length, 6.3 inches in width, and 1.93 in height. The collection includes seven sleek boxed and smooth star dragon balls of high quality. These balls are acrylic material for good permeability and clear star visibility.

If you have enough seven dragon balls with five-pointed stars, you can turn your wishes into the truth – these balls are valuable symbols of perseverance and courage.

This product is the most interesting gift for every Dragon Ball Z fan with mysterious significance.


ABYstyle Dragon Ball Z Kame Symbol Gift Set Includes 10 Oz Ceramic Coffee Mug

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Another cute gift you can gift Dragon Ball Z fans on their birthday is 3-piece drinkware ceramic coffee mugs. These 3 piece sets include several options: a Dragon Ball Z-themed set coffee mug, keychain, and notebook.

This set features a hardcover notebook with the Goku kanji on it. A keychain made of sturdy metal gets a symbol of a 4-star Dragon ball. Mugs made of ceramic Stoneware are both microwave and dishwasher safe.

This is the perfect gift for Dragon Ball Z fans to enjoy hot drinks on chilly winter mornings while watching a Dragon Ball Z episode.


Dragon Ball Z Grinder - 4 Star Golden Ball Grinder - 2.2 inches

Source: Amazon

What gift do you give a dragon ball fan? Golden Ball Herb Grinder is a unique idea for him. This grinder’s material includes aluminum and zinc alloy with high durability.

It’s a wonderful gift for birthday or Christmas celebrations. The elusive 4 Star Dragon Ball uniquely shapes this handcrafted herb grinder.  Its wonderful design also helps this product create easy-to-pack and fine herbs.

Overall, this product is suitable for the person who is an anime fan and loves cooking with their herbs.


Dragonball Z Senzu Beans Candy Fruit Flavored DBZ Candy Sours (2 pack) with 2 Gosu Toys Stickers

Source: Amazon

Senzu Beans Candy is an iconic product of the Dragon Ball franchise. It supports fighters recovering from injuries in the anime fights and has become a favorite present of TeamFourStar’s with the central role of the best gags in the Dragon series.

Due to that reason, it is one of the great birthday gifts or Halloween gifts for Dragon Ball Z fans. In terms of design, each candy bag contains 2 ounces of candy green apple crumbles like green beans. This gift provides DBZ fans with proper spiritual nourishment and sugar at an affordable price.


Dragon Ball Z Goku Kanji T-Shirt Tee Shirt

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With the fashionable and eye-catching design, Goku Kanji T-shirt is a great present for adults you can choose. This T-shirt features a soft fabric made from 100% pre-shrunk spun cotton with outstanding red color.

There is an untranslated Kanji letter on the front side, which can be something like “The fate of Planet Namek is  Frieza vs. Goku,” for instance.
So, it is a great choice to gift Dragon anime fans with amazing feels and exciting inspiration. Besides, this soft shirt is also ideal for helping you feel comfortable against your skin.

You also can choose the unique and creative Goku T-shirt or clothing design at Gearanime for your preference and passion. We will give you great inspiration and interest in high-quality products with impressive styles.


Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night Poster Dragonball Z Starry Night Art Prints 12" x 18"

Source: Amazon

If Dragon ball z fans love a classic art classic with an anime masterpiece, Starry Night Poster Dragonball is a suitable option. It is an artwork of Vincent Van Gogh with a beautiful layout showing the legendary Dragon Ball Z Japanese animation.

This uses high-quality canvas material that is vivid, color fading, and waterproof resistant with high-quality image printing. It is suitable for decorating all spaces in your house or workplace.

Besides, this artwork is also one of the perfect birthday or Christmas gifts you can give Dragon Ball Z lovers.


Dragon Ball Z Custom Goku Symbol Fleece Warm Blanket | 45 x 60 Inches

Source: Amazon

Do you choose one of the warmest birthday or wedding gifts? The Dragon Ball Z Custom Goku Fleece Blanket is the best choice with high comfort and excellent design. This blanket is 100% polyester with 60 x 45 inches dimensions to make you comfortable and warm. So, it will give you cozy feelings on cold winter nights.

Eyecatching design with the funny combination of black and orange color allows this product to gain a lot of love from Dragon Ball Z fans. Thus, it is ideal to choose this blanket as a perfect birthday gift for DBZ fans with other items such as DBZ movies, accessories, or hoodies.


Source: Amazon

This Saiyan Space Pod Building Kit features a display stand, Vegeta seating, and a resealable hatch. If you like reliving the moment Vegeta crash-landed in an above-ground pool, this Space Building Kit will help you back interesting memories.

This model includes the official Bluefin Distribution logo.  Also, it is tested for safety that complies with all North American consumer product safety regulations.


Dragon Ball Z 4-Star Ball Ceramic Noodle Bowl & Chopsticks Set

Source: Amazon

Ceramic Noodle Bowl & Chopsticks Set is one of the familiar gifts for fans who love Dragon anime. A ceramic bowl with the powerful symbol of Goku and the lucky 4-star Dragon Ball inspires your love for the anime world.

With this 16 oz noodle bowl, Dragon Ball Z fan can fill their stomach by filling their bowl up and using the chopsticks to eat like a hungry Saiyan Goku.
This shell is perfect for anime fans who want to fight like a Saiyan. Dine in style with your favorite wish-fulfilling dragon, or keep it on display to show off to your friends.

This bowl is safe to be washable and reusable with 100% safe ceramic material, so you can be secure to use for a long time. Indeed, the perfect present for birthdays, holidays, or other special occasions.


Dragon Ball Super Mini Glass Set | Set of 4 Shot Glasses

Source: Amazon

This metallic multicolored shot glass features your favorite DBZ characters with three powerful shots like a Super Saiyan Goku. These glasses can hold up to 1.5 ounces, allowing you to drink more while sitting and watching your favorite Saiyan episodes at home.

Get this multicolor set featuring the Z-Fighter to add style to your collection with your Dragon Ball Z-loving friends.


Dragon Ball Z Mug with Lid | 24 oz Ceramic Soup Bowl

Source: Amazon

A Vegeta ceramic mug with lid is ideal for noodles, cereal, ramen, drinks, soups, and other things. Durable ceramic is the main ingredient with a charming image of an ultra-secure snap and Vegeta on the lid.

This high-satisfactory mug can hold up to 24oz, ideal for delicious meals and watching your preferred Saiyan movies at home. If you need a birthday gift for the Dragon Ball Z fan in your life, this officially licensed item is amazing for any anime, child, or Naruto fan.

Grab this product proposing the authentic Super Saiyan Vegeta and Goku to get a few fashions for your dishes to show to your Dragon Ball Z-loving friend.


Anime Cosplay Backpack Shoulder Bag School Bag

Source: Amazon

This incredible Dragon Ball Z backpack is perfectly featured for your Super Saiyan. With adjustable padded straps, a laptop compartment, and multiple pockets, this DBZ backpack is great for carrying any objects for various missions.

It’s big enough to keep all of a high school boy’s “stuff” and fits in a locker better than an old backpack. This is an ideal present you can give your DBZ fans, including your son, boyfriend, or younger brother, on special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, or others.


Funko Advent Calendar: Dragon Ball Z Pocket Pop

Source: Amazon

Celebrate your special holidays with the Dragon Ball Z Funko Pocket POP Advent Calendar. These calendars bring funny anime characters hidden behind mysterious doors waiting for you to explore. 24 Funko Pop vinyl figures are an important part of the Dragon Ball Z animated series, about 2 inches in size.

This is one of the funny and simple anime expo gifts you can give Dragon Ball Z lovers.


Dragon Ball Z Character Enamel Pendant Charm Bracelet

Source: Amazon

A unique gift shows your passion for your favorite anime characters with this Character Enamel Pendant bracelet featuring silver charms in 8 unique colors.
The charming bracelet gets high-quality alloy as the main material and fits most wrist sizes. As the product comes in a pretty clamshell box featuring the  DBZ logo, it is one of the perfect mother’s day gifts and other occasions such as birthdays.

This charm bracelet is also a true gem of the mother’s beauty and power, so it is ideal for her to wear on any occasion. Super Saiyan power is at your mother’s fingertips with this stunning charm bracelet.


UCC Distributing Dragon Ball Super 6 Inch Character Plush | Jiren

Source: Amazon

Dragon Ball GT Characters are collection products for yourself or your loved ones. The Jiren-inspired item has soft padding and covers with the perfect size for snuggling. This product has a huggable super Saiyan size of 6 inches and is ideal for collecting and cuddling.

With cuddly and soft materials, GT stuffed animal characters are one of the children’s day gifts to complete their personal collection for great Dragon Ball Z love.


Dragon Ball Z Radar Keychain

Source: Amazon

Check out the unique Dragon Radar Keychain that helps track down well-hidden and mysterious Dragon Balls.

This keychain set features the dragon, his radar with sounds and lights, and 4-star dragon balls. Designed to track electromagnetic pulses, the item is the perfect tool for collecting and finding all seven Dragon Balls.

This item has a brushed metal finish to attach to your keys, backpack, or belt loop via a secure metal key ring. Also, you can get alerts with flashing lights and pulsing sounds if Dragon Balls are nearby.

Activate the simulated radar function by pressing the button on the keychain’s top.


Source: Shut Up And Take My Yen

One of the father’s day gifts you can pick is a Radar Light-up watch. This gift will help him know what time it is. Besides, this watch also supports dragon ball Z fans in easily tracking the dragon balls.

This metal watch displays a flashing green light at a button’s push, thanks to the Dragon Radar device. It can inform Dragon Ball Z-inspired fans about the exact time and nearby Dragon Balls.

With a background design of the iconic anime Dragon Radar, this watch is stylish for your father or brother. It is ideal for him to add to his accessories.
If you’re a Dragon Ball Z fan, spend time with this radar watch with the Goku character and his adventures. It makes detecting Dragon Balls easier than ever.


Dragon Ball Z Complete Box Set: Vols. 1-26 with premium

Source: Amazon

This paperback book set contains 26 volumes of the famous Dragon Ball Z manga. If you want to be desperate to read the greatest martial arts epic, this is the complete set on Goku and his amazing companions with the fantasy action-adventure battle series.

This product tells about Son Goku, a powerful hero in the anime world. Goku is an amazing alliance that joins forces to save the world from evils.

The Dragon Ball Z Complete Box Set has become a global phenomenon and become a best-selling comic. With Dragon Ball Z collector’s booklet guides and an interview with the legendary creator, this item is one of the great ideas to gift Dragon Ball Z fans on their birthday, Christmas, or other occasions.


Baseball Cap unisex-adult Baseball

Source: Amazon

This Dragon Ball Z snapback cap capabilities the raised and embroidered Master Roshi Kanji. With a fashionable flat invoice and a snapback closure, this DBZ item also features an embroidered cool  Dragon Ball Z logo.

Gift your boyfriend or bothers this trending Dragon Ball Master Roshi Kanji hat to make him stylish and powerful. The hip-hop hat’s main material is cotton, suiting for unisex in various sizes. This product can make anime fans’ dreams come true.


Dragon Ball Super Characters Water Bottle | Holds 32 Ounces

Source: Amazon

Dragon Ball water bottle is one of the cute and simple birthday gifts you can give to anyone you love. It is inspired by your favorite Dragon Ball anime characters to drink hydrated and fandom.

This dragon bottle can hold 32 ounces of your favorite drink and be perfect for daily, casual, and active use.

You can pick from several unique designs with high-quality printed graphics. These graphics are heroes from the main anime series, including Trunks, Goku, Chaotsu, Gohan, Prince Vegeta, Goten, Tenshinhan, Yamcha, and Krillin.
This plastic water bottle is also functional and suitable for sporting activities and special events like the Tournament of Power.


Hot Topic Dragon Ball Z Backpack Hanger Blind Capsule

Source: Amazon

Dragon Ball backpack hangers will help you show your love for DBZ and make it easier to find your favorite Dragon Ball Z characters. Each blind pocket includes a random 2-inch backpack hanger.

This product can add an element of surprise to your special gift. Dragon Ball Z fans can follow Goku’s adventures as he joins the Z warriors in defending evils to rescue the Earth with the unique hanger.

The action-adventure reinforces and entertains the concept of evil and good. Dragon Ball Z hangers also teach anime fans valuable lessons about reliability, loyalty, and teamwork through favorite character virtues.


Dragon Ball Z Shenron Dragon Air Freshener, Vanilla Scent

Source: Amazon

You can easily summon the powerful Shenron with this Dragon Ball Z air freshener. The product can hang with a flexible elastic string and stretchy and durable design to display in convenient places. It is useful to help remove unpleasant smells lingering in your room, car, office, and other interior spaces.

This freshener can keep your space fresh and clean with vanilla-scented flavor. The scented item features a Shenron Dragon printing on each side to grant your hope for long-lasting freshness.

With this officially licensed Shenron air freshener, you can complete your Dragon Ball Z anime collection but no need to gather enough seven Dragon Balls.


POP! Funko Animation: Dragon Ball Z S7 - King Cold #711

Source: Amazon

There are various products with Vegeta and Goku, but which one will make that special Dragon Ball Z fan in your life interest?

Funko Pop Figure brings a funny style look to your favorite pop culture royalty. Adorable collectible pop action figures come from great animation in blockbuster movies, attractive TV shows, and vibrant video games.

The latest Dragon Ball Z gift is a Funko POP vinyl is an ideal birthday gift for dragon ball z fans with dimensions of 3 3/4 inches. It is suitable for decorating on your playroom shelf or office desk.

Be ready to conquer your Saiyan anime space with this unique product as a great addition to your preferred Funko Pop collection.


Dragon Ball Z Custom Goku Symbol Heat reactive Mug |Black Ceramic

Source: Amazon

Dragon Ball Goku heat reactive mug has a unique design with black metallic foil to enjoy your favorite coffee or soft drinks.

This mug features iconic Dragon Ball Goku artwork with 100% durable and high-quality ceramic heat-changing at the perfect size. Surely, this stylish Goku-themed mug is an exciting gift for Dragon Ball Z fans to add to their Dragon Ball Z merchandising collection.


Dragon Ball Z Goku Collector Looksee Box

Source: Amazon

Become a strong Super Saiyan with this licensed Dragon Ball Z Goku collector’s box. This item contains an awesome 5-piece bundle packed with Goku accessories and collectibles as a convenient storage box.

The package includes 5 Goku styles, including the favorite characters, a detachable strap, Goku Kanji rubber, ink his pen, eye-catching wall art, and enamel pin collectibles.

Son Goku, Dragon Ball Z anime protagonist, inspires this curated collectible bundle design with rich geeky fun. Show off your Dragon Ball fans with Goku-themed wall decor, accessories, and other small gift items.

This must-have box is one of the perfect Goku gifts for birthday celebrations or other occasions that will delight anime lovers.


Dragon Ball Z Molded 2oz Stackable Shot Glasses | Set of 7

Source: Amazon

With this awesome Dragon Ball Z shot glass, you can save the planet from evils while showing your passion for Dragon Ball Z.

The product features the shape of seven dragon balls with a set of seven glasses. You can stack it on the included wooden stand for a funny display.
With a creative and unique design, this set is one of the anniversary gifts you can give your family members, close friends, or any Dragon Ball Z fan.


Great Eastern Entertainment Dragon Ball Z Goku Icon Beanie, Orange

Source: Amazon

Dragon ball Z beanie is a fashionable hat suitable for men with impressive design and special style. This special hat can fit people who have larger heads to wear. Especially, it is fashionable for wearing or showing off in the winter with cold weather.

If you want to give your boyfriend or father a perfect birthday gift, this beanie hat is the best choice for you.


We’ve reviewed the top 30 Dragon Ball Z gifts that are great for a perfect birthday celebration. You can consider the detailed description of each product in the above list to choose the best present for the person you want to give on their birthday.

It can be a dragon bottle, a cap, a backpack, a T-shirt, or a watch for men like your dad or boyfriend. Or, you also choose a charm bracelet with a cute dragon or Goku images for your mother.

You can also pick wonderful gifts for your events or occasions such as Christmas, wedding, anniversary, or Valentine to give the person that is a Dragon Ball Z fan.

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