Top 10 Ranked Best Anime Series Of All Time

Top 10 Ranked Best Anime Series Of All Time

Top 10 Ranked Best Anime Series Of All Time

Irrespective of whether you’re a fan of Japanese anime (also known as japanimation), or were never really aware of it in the first place, there are certain things that make up what is arguably the best anime series of all time. Each show has its own distinct qualities, and some are better than others. Whether or not you agree with any particular list, there is no denying that this Top 10 Ranked Best Anime Series Of All Time ranking is comprehensive and objective.

Top 10 Ranked Best Anime Series Of All Time 1

1 – One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man is a manga that chronicles the adventures of Saitama, a superhero with incredible strength and no powers. One day, he stops by and conveniently meets Genos, who happens to be in a bind and needs help. Saitama decides to help him out, leaving the whole thing sort of up to chance. The two continue their journey together as they encounter various dangerous creatures, including aliens, robots and demons.

2 – Naruto Shippuden

This Naruto Shippuden Serie is one of the most popular anime series. It tells a story that’s filled with action, comedy, romance and drama. This is the story about Kishimoto’s characters Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha who go head to head for the fate of their village and how their destinies intertwine in a battle that will decide the fates of many people including themselfs.

3 – Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is an anime series about a group of heroes and villains who team together to face off against the ultimate evil. Is it an action or sci-fi series? I say both. While the fighting is exhilarating and characters are continuously evolving, this series has so much more to offer than action alone. There’s drama, romance and humor that we just can’t get enough!

4 – One Piece

One Piece is an anime based on a manga created by Eiichiro Oda. It is a pirate adventure in the Grand Line that follows Monkey D. Luffy and his fellow pirates as they face off with enemies, both flesh and “faux-flesh”. The first two arcs of the manga were published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine, while the third was serialized weekly in Weekly Shonen Jump since December 1997 until March 2013. The series follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy after he escapes from Impel Down and reaches an island paradise called Dressrosa where he ends up challenging its king, Riku Dold III , to a game called “One Piece world battle” .

5 – Death Note

Death Note is a novel by Tsugumi Ohba, illustrated by Takeshi Obata, and adapted as a live action film and a television drama series. Death Note was released in Japan in September 2003, then in North America and Europe in 2005. It won the Shogakukan Manga Award for best shōnen manga in 2006. Despite its title, it is a story taking place entirely in present-day Earth, with no supernatural elements involved. The main character Light Yagami discovers that there are several testimonies about another death note being written with the same name, except it kills anyone without fail at exactly 12:00 am on any weekday throughout the world.

6 – Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter (hunter’s name is X) is an anime that was created by Yoshihiro Togashi and produced by Madhouse. The main character, named X, possesses a number of special abilities. He has a strong will and sharp senses, along with excellent physical strength and years of experience in fighting. These traits have allowed him to become one of the finest fighters in the world despite being relatively inexperienced at the beginning of the Anime.

7 – Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan is an anime created by Hajime Isayama that follows a group of young teenagers in their fight against a mysterious monster. This blog will tell you everything about the original anime including all the latest news about Attack On Titan and The Anime Series along with some important updates.

8 – Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist is a manga series by Hiromu Arakawa, who also writes and illustrates the manga Sweetness & Lightning. Arakawa started Fullmetal Alchemist in 2003, and published the first volume on August 12, 2005. The story follows two brothers in Edward Elric, a talented State Alchemist with a heart of gold (no pun intended) and his younger brother Alphonse Elric, a young man that has lost his limbs because of an attempt to revive his dead mother using alchemy gone awry. They must search for the Philosopher’s Stone and bring their mother back from death so she can give them their bodies back. In the process they fall into many traps and meet many characters along the way.

9 – Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is a 1995 anime TV series created by Sunrise Inc. It features some of the most high-profile voice-actors in Japan, including the legendary Takeshi Watanabe as Spike Spiegel and Yoko Kanno as Eunice Shifuri, music composed by Yoko Kanno and several pieces of music nominated for an Annie Award. Best known for its fast-paced action and hand-drawn animation style, Cowboy Bebop has gained a cult following around the world and is cited as one of ‘the’ great anime series in that genre.

10Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is a long running anime series that was the first ever shoujo (girls’ manga) to run on TV. The anime franchise consists of nearly 100 episodes and 5 movies. As with any other anime, it has become immensely popular with fans across the world. It follows Usagi Tsukino as she transforms into Sailor Moon and fights against evil forces during the 20th century in an attempt to protect Earth against evil. After several seasons, it’s fair to say that Sailor Moon has cemented itself into pop culture history and modern day Japanese television – which is largely thanks to its combination of folklore, action, romance and pop culture references.


Hopefully, our list of the best anime series of all time has helped guide your search for a new series to watch. We didn’t include everything, of course—the list is huge and it would have been impossible to identify every great show out there. But we think that the shows on this list are some of the strongest options available for your viewing pleasure.

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